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5 Ways to Improve Home Security On A Budget

After 7 months in a post-COVID world, expendable income isn’t something many of us have much of. That being said, as many of us have to relocate or may be in a position where others around us are relocating rapidly, slacking on home security isn’t an option.

If you’re looking to heighten your home security on a budget, here are the top 5 ways we’d recommend you proceed: 

1.) Rekey Your Locks

This is a much cheaper option than replacing the lock itself. If you just want new keys, but the lock itself is in relatively good shape, this should be your first step. This is a great way to fix any security issues involving keys that may have been stolen, copied without your permission, lost, or not returned after a breakup. Since this is substantially cheaper than wholesale lock replacement, it is a very cost-effective way to effectively increase your security. Will it give you the security of a more modern lock with all of the features they can carry with them? No. But it is a whole lot better than not doing anything at all, and cheaper than most of the other options in this list!

2.) Replace Your Locks

In comparison to a full security system, shelling out for an upgraded lock can be the most cost-efficient way to drastically improve home security. Especially if your locks are old or worn out, replacing them will guarantee that not only does nobody else have a key that works on them, but that your older lock won’t give out on you when you need it the most.

Our favorite part about new locks in this day and age are the variety of options that you have, and the range of bells and whistles that come with! Do you tend to forget your keys when you leave the house? Locks with keypads are the perfect way to ensure you don’t accidentally lock yourself out. Some smart locks can even be locked and unlocked with your phone, for instance, so you never have to worry about leaving the house unlocked when you leave again! 

3.) Have a dog? Teach them to bark at strangers!

If you have a dog, this will probably be your favorite tip yet. It’s free (unless you decide to get a professional dog trainer involved), you get to spend time with your dog, and you get to reap the benefits of heightened security at home!

This tip comes with a few different caveats, of course. Teaching a dog to bark at someone is counterproductive to what many owners want from their pets, but teaching your dog to bark at strangers three or four times, enough to let you know they are unfamiliar with the person at the door, is a skill that can be taught. Even if Fido the Golden Retriever would greet a would-be burglar with a smile and wagging tail, a barking dog draws attention that would make anyone think twice about breaking in.

4.) Install Motion-Activated Lights

Three or four motion-activated lights on the corners of your house can make a massive difference in perceived home security. Floodlights being tripped by an inquisitive stranger are a nasty surprise for them, and an excellent way for you to know if something is going on. These can run a little on the expensive side, depending on the lights you set your sights on, but the value they provide makes them worth the price!

5.) Can’t afford security cameras? Get dummy cameras instead!

Sometimes the threat of monitoring someone on your property is as good as actually monitoring them; after all, most random passerby won’t know that the real-looking camera mounted over your front door doesn’t connect to anything! Look for models that have fake wires that lead into the mounted base of the camera, for anyone that decides to take a closer look.

These aren’t nearly as good at protecting your house as the real thing, of course, but real-looking fakes are a good way to warn people against even taking too much interest in your house. Combined with lights, possibly a dog, and a deadbolt or advanced electronic lock on the front and/or back door, and most would-be break-ins can be averted before they’re even attempted.

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