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Home Security Systems, Pt. 3: So… Should I Get One?

Part 2 of Safe Way Lock & Key’s three-part blog series on whether or not you need to upgrade your home security system, covering the pros and cons of getting your security system up and running. Included in that post was a small section on whether or not we’d recommend getting a new home security system, or upgrading your current one. Our answer was yes, and we wanted to use Part 3 of this series to expand upon why it’s so important to not only get the right security system for your needs, but why getting the system installed professionally should be an option you really need to consider!

Our Case For Home Security Systems

As we alluded to in our previous piece, one of the biggest reasons we recommend installing a home security system you love has less to do with your home’s security and more to do with your peace of mind! 2020 has been an almost universally stressful year, and the last thing you need is to continue to stress about something that is in your control to fix. Even if you opt not to hire a security company and monitor your security systems yourself, give yourself the option to do so by installing doorbells with attached cameras, sensors hooked up to alarms, and various other pieces of equipment. This should give you a good idea of what’s going on in and around your house, which can be a great way to alleviate stress; many of these pieces even come with accompanying apps, so you can lock your front door or close your garage from an app on your phone and never have to worry about leaving a door open again!

As more of us are stuck in our homes during quarantine, deliveries are surging. From fast food and groceries to packages of all shapes and sizes, an unprecedented number of packages are being shipped to our homes and, due to COVID, being left on the front porch instead of handed directly to you. A home security system can help keep the belongings inside your home safe, but can also be a good deterrent to those seeking to take your belongings that you haven’t had the chance to collect. While that may seem like a silly cause for a security system, ask yourself if you really want to wait an extra three days for the goodies you ordered to re-process and get shipped to you a second time. It’s as convenient as it is secure!

The third reason we believe the answer to the question “should I get/upgrade my security system?” is yes is because the benefits these systems provide are more than just a boost to your mental health, or a way to stop someone from stealing your food deliveries — first and foremost, these systems help to protect your home (or business!) from intruders, and even just their presence makes them more than worth the investment. In the event of a break in or altercation at your home or business, they can provide valuable information to help catch the offending party. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you need advice on how to get started — or just need help with the installation of your brand-new security system, give Safe Way Lock & Key a call to get started today!

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