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A Guide to Safes and Safe Locks

Protecting your belongings is important, especially when it comes to things like cash and important documents. In terms of home security, safes can be an effective tool for storing some of your most important assets. While they can’t keep intruders from entering your home, they can prevent people within your residence from being able to access these belongings. Safes are also a great way to keep children from accessing important documents and they provide a consistent storage space, so you’ll never forget where you put these valuable possessions. Today’s Safeway Lock and Key blog post to learn more about safes and safe locks. 

Safes provide excellent protection for your special belongings, but what happens when your safe lock breaks? Not only is it an inconvenience, it can also be worrisome. Safeway Lock and Key provides safe lock solutions, so you can get back to storing your belongings in no time. Choose Safeway Lock and Key as your Baltimore locksmith for all of your locksmith service needs, including safe lock repair. Read on to find out which type of safe is right for you. 

Types of Safes

Safes are split into two basic categories, with many different types of safes in each category. The two basic types of safes include residential and commercial safes. The four basic categories of home safes include fire, burglary, gun, and jewelry safes. When breaking each type of safe down, it’s important to understand what purpose you need your safe to serve. Are you looking for a safe that would protect your belongings from a fire? Do you want a safe built into your walls or your floor?

If you just need a small, simple safe to store and documents or smaller belongings from burglaries or other residents in your home, a traditional burglary safe would be sufficient. These safes can be built into the wall or floor to save you space if you choose. 

If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, a fire safe might be needed in your home. While they provide great resistance to burns, they are not useful in the case of burglary. 

Jewelry safes are great for storing fine jewelry and often include beautiful, intricate designs which provide an attractive addition to your home. One tip is store jewelry safes where they are accessible to you so that you can open them daily, if necessary. 

Gun safes are self-explanatory, as they provide ample storage for all shapes and sizes of guns. Based on the size of your collection, you can choose which gun safe would be most suitable for you.  

Business safes on the other hand, are larger, high-security safes. Because they usually store multiple documents from various clients or people, a larger safe is probably preferred. Business safes can include bank vaults, hotel safes, or media safes. 

Safe Locking Mechanisms

There are four types of safe locking mechanisms that are commonly used. The first is the traditional combination or dial, which requires a unique combination. Digital number keypads, however, allow you to input the code using a keypad. Biometric locks are less common, as these require fingerprints or retinal scans. Lastly, the lock and key method requires a simple lock and key to open, which is great for those who commonly forget passwords or combinations. 

Safeway Lock and Key provides safe lock service and repairs to a variety of lock types. If the lock on your safe is damaged, choose Safeway Lock and Key as your Baltimore locksmith today! 

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