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Gifts to Give the Person That’s Always Locked Out

We’ve all been there: locked outside of our car, looking in through the window at our keys in the ignition. If you haven’t been there, then you’ve definitely been locked out of your house knowing that your keys are sitting on the kitchen counter. The reality is, getting locked out happens to the best of us! Luckily, there are countless gadgets and products that are designed to help minimize the chances of getting locked out in the first place. 

With the holidays coming up, the team at Safeway Lock & Key wanted to take some time to help you find the perfect gift for your friend (we all have one) that is constantly locked out of their place. Keep reading and get these items ordered in time to wrap them up and put them under the tree. 

Key Holder

Alright, it may not be the gadget that gets you out of your locked-out situation, but having a hook to hang your keys on could actually lessen the chances of someone forgetting them in the first place. By getting in the habit of putting keys on the hook rather than leaving them in the pocket from yesterday’s pair of pants, your friend will be much more inclined to use the hook and hang them up in their rightful place. 

If you really want to entice someone to use a key hook rather than leave their keys lying around, finding a cool or unique key holder might just do the trick. There are countless affordable, fun key holders that you can find online and have delivered in just a couple of days.

Wallet Organizer with Keyring

More often than not, keys get left behind because we’re a bit disheveled and unorganized. If the person that you’re looking to buy a gift for is notorious for being a bit unorganized, a wallet organizer might be the perfect gift for them. There are now wallets that also include keyrings in them so that you can attach the keys right to the wallet. Now, when they’re heading out or searching around for things, all of their important things (minus their phone) will be in the same place. 

Hide a Key

Okay, these are by no means a new invention or product. Nevertheless, they’re a great gift option for individuals that get locked out often. If your friend gets locked out of their house quite frequently, find a hide a key that sits outside of their home without drawing any attention. Nowadays, hide a key containers aren’t just black, magnetic boxes. You can find hide a keys that look like a turtle, a rock, or a bird house! 

Now, if your friend is getting locked out of their car, the standard hide a key box with a magnetic backing is perfect. These boxes can hide in conspicuous places so that strangers aren’t able to grab them and start the car, but are still readily available when your friend has no way of opening up their car door. These gifts are timeless and, honestly, individuals who are frequently locked out can never have enough of them!

Tracking Devices

We know what you’re thinking, tracking devices are a bit over the top. While it definitely does sound a bit out there, the tracking devices that we’re talking about help individuals who frequently lose items, find them! Whether it’s a wallet, a pair of keys, a phone, or a purse, these trackers can easily be attached to the item and make finding it all the easier. There are a few options when looking at tracking devices for lost items, so you can definitely find the one that better suits the needs of the individual you’re shopping for.

Safeway Lock & Key Can Help

In the times where the fun gadgets and useful tools aren’t enough to keep your loved ones from getting locked out, the team at Safeway Lock and Key can help. Our team has been dedicated to providing individuals in the Baltimore area with the quick, quality locksmith services that they need when they’re unable to enter their home or vehicle.

When you (or your friend) is in need of some help getting back in, contact our team and we’ll get you taken care of! 

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