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Tips for Choosing a Locksmith

We all get locked out of our car or house from time to time. But when it comes to finding help, many Baltimore residents don’t realize that every locksmith is different. With that in mind, here are five tips for choosing a local locksmith.

Put an emphasis on experience

We get it — everyone has to get started somewhere in their career or line of business. However, that doesn’t mean you should hire a locksmith with minimal experience. In what’s likely to be an incredibly stressful experience, you need someone who has been there and done that in the industry. Rest assured that the pros at Safeway Lock and Key have been assisting customers for more than a decade.

Check their services

Not every locksmith is equipped to handle automotive, residential, and commercial lockouts. Some, in fact, only specialize in one area. Do yourself a favor and check the locksmith’s services before contacting them so you don’t further delay the process.

See if they’re bonded and insured

The state of Maryland requires locksmiths to be licensed, bonded, and insured. If you come in contact with a locksmith who fails to meet these requirements, it’s best to eliminate them from your list and move on to the next one. By hiring a locksmith who is licensed, bonded, and insured, you can feel at ease knowing they have been properly trained and will not legally be able to put any liability on you should something happen.

Read their reviews

Here’s another important tip worth considering as you make your decision. Much like you would do when searching for a highly rated restaurant, it’s important to look at a locksmith’s reviews. If you notice a trend of poor reviews, a red flag should go up in your head.

Check their service area and hours

Most locksmiths will go above and beyond to get to as many customers in a day as possible. That said, just because you may be slightly out of their service area doesn’t mean that won’t help you. Just be mindful of any out-of-area and off-hours service fees. It’s worth mentioning that Safeway Lock and Key is proud to offer 24/7 emergency locksmith service for Baltimore residents.

Contact Our Baltimore Locksmith

Here at Safeway Lock and Key, we make finding a reliable locksmith simple and stress-free. Our team understands the frustration of not being able to access the other side of a door. Whether you need to get into your home, vehicle, or place of business, you can count on our locksmith to get the job done right the first time.

As a full-service locksmith, we treat every scenario with respect and care. Never will we rush through the work just to get to our next customer. When it comes to 24-hour locksmith service, Safeway Lock and Key is there to put your safety worries to rest and provide unmatched service.

Whether you’re in need of an auto locksmith, a residential locksmith, or a commercial locksmith, look no further than Safeway Lock and Key!  

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