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At Safeway Lock And Key Inc., we can do much more than your average locksmith. While we do specialize in lockout services, we also go the extra step to provide security at your home and commercial property. The best thing you can do to ensure that your property is safe is to install home security cameras so you can see for yourself. Installing and servicing security cameras of all types, we believe in enhancing your safety and giving you peace of mind. Dedicated to superior service, it is our goal to ensure that you feel safe at all times.

Offering you 24/7 surveillance capabilities, Safeway Lock And Key Inc. makes your safety our top priority, while keeping it easy and affordable. No matter the size of your property, you can never be too cautious. Using the industry’s leading brands and manufacturers of alarm systems, we are proud to provide you with the best technology available.

With many years of experience under our belt, it is not only the products we use that keep people coming back to us. Our dedicated team of professionals is always on time, friendly, and treats you and your property with respect while offering effective security solutions you trust. Whether you just want one camera focusing on your front door, or several placed through every room, our main concern is that our services meet your needs.

Say goodbye to the days of wondering “what if” and hello to an effective solution that really does work. For more information about what type of cameras we can install, and to schedule your appointment, contact us today.

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If you’re worried about how secure your home is from possible invaders or other accidents, then it’s time to upgrade your home security system. At Safeway Lock & Key in Baltimore, our trained locksmith team is here to help you set up a CCTV security system. This allows you to easily monitor the outside of your home and feel protected in the case of a problem. Get started with Safeway Lock & Key today!

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Locksmith residential services handles situations such as house lockouts, installing to repairing or replacing all locks.

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Our 24 hour a day emergency automotive technicians are here for you, ready to meet your locksmith needs

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We know the value of your properties and emergency needs that’s why we carry a large range of residential, commercial, and auto locks for your security needs and provide you high security locks and cameras for entire house, office, and warehouse.


We assure you, we will go beyond you expectation and will offer high quality security systems. Your security is just away a phone call. Call us today and make you and your valuable assets to be secure.